Multipurpose Sun Lounger Towel Clip

Multipurpose Sun Lounger Towel Clip


Do you love your lounger? Does it annoy you when your towel keeps slipping or blowing in the warm breeze? Do you find your peg style holders difficult to pack and keep breaking? Are you worried about keeping your towel and goods secure when you step away from your lounger? Don't worry, we have the solution! Welcome to the innovative multipurpose Sun Lounger Towel Clip and here's why you should have this cruise essential with you when you step onboard...


The Clip is stylish and lightweight

The Clip is flexible and will not break

The Clip can be used in several ways depending on the type of lounger

The Clip can be used to hold your beach bag by inserting the bag handle through the U shape of the Clip

The Clip is easy to pack and for optimum storage you can join multiple Clips together to save space

The Clip has multiple uses - Use it across the home such as in the kitchen or the bathroom, use it to keep books open while you're cooking, use it on walking frames...find your own uses!  

You will not find this Clip anywhere else in Ireland or the UK, it's a Cruise Room exclusive! 

Buying a Cruise Room Towel Clip supports Irish Companies

Buying a Towel Clip as part of a bundle supports an Irish charity


  • Delivery Costs

    Please find delivery costs below: 

    Delivery in Ireland - €3.99 for 1 x 'Towel Clip' to be posted

    Delivery in UK - €5.99 for 1 x 'Towel Clip' to be posted

    Delivery in Rest of the World (Inc USA) - €6.99 for 1 x 'Towel Clip' to be posted

    Note, if ordering MULTIPLE items we'll only apply ONE delivery charge

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