What you'll love about

Princess Cruises

All cruise lines will tell you they offer great service, all will tell you they travel the world, and all will tell you that cruising with them is like cruising with no other cruise line... but that doesn't help you choose the right cruise line so let us help by outlining here all those features that distinguish one cruise line from another...

So why will you love Princess Cruises? What distinguishes Princess Cruises from other cruise lines? What moments will I experience that only cruising with Princess will bring? 



The Ocean Medallion is a free, wearable, personalised device to make cruising more personal and simple than ever before. The Medallion holds your unique digital identity which is encrypted and communicates with thousands of sensors onboard and in port. It lets Princess crew see information they can use to serve you better such as bringing you your favourite drink wherever you are on the ship. That’s in addition to using Medallion for payments, unlocking your stateroom door, speeding up embarkation and much more. While you must carry a Medallion while onboard, (You can wear your Medallion as a wristband, pendant, clip or just keep it in your pocket) it’s up to you how much or how little you want to take advantage of the full experience.



In 2017 Princess Cruises announced Philip Schofield as their new brand ambassador for UK & Ireland. Having never cruised before Philip is undergoing the same journey we all go through in discovering the joy of cruise itself as well as enjoying learning about Princess Cruises. 

You can expect further announcements, adverts, promotions from Princess & Philip in 2018 & 2019. In the meantime you can watch how Philip got on with his first cruise with Princess in the media section (just click on the media gallery above



Princess Cruises have time and time again launched innovative new features that other cruise lines have followed. For example, Princess Cruises were...

  • ...the 1st cruise line to pioneer the affordable balcony cabin and today have one of the highest percentage of balcony cabins in the industry

  • ...the 1st to introduce 24 hour dining with the first round the clock restaurant

  • ...the first to offer flexible 'dine when you want with who you want dining' alongside traditional dining options! 

  • ...the first to introduce a wedding chapel and perform weddings at sea.

  • Princess's famous Movies Under the Stars was also an industry first!



Princess's latest brochure proudly announced that 2018 will see them visit over 360 destinations across 6 continents, with 17 ships meaning over 1000 cruises available for you to enjoy over the next 15 months. If we had to pick 1 destination that they are most known for after over 50 years in the cruise business it's Alaska - awarded #1 cruise line in Alaska 10 years running by Travel Weekly. 

Princess don't just cruise to Alaska, they are part of Alaska. They have their own exclusive rail service and wilderness lodges allowing you to immerse yourself in this stunning part of the world. Onboard activities include Sled Puppies in the Piazza, Cook your catch culinary experience, menus made up of local delicacies, talks from local Alaskans and Discovery channel celebrities as well as demonstrations, festivals and youth programs. After a cruise around Alask with Princess you really will 'Come Back New'



Its not just Princess Cruises telling you how good their dining experience is; In another first, did you know they are the first cruise line to be officially endorsed by Good Housekeeping magazine for their onboard dining experience? 

Good Housekeeping readers feedback has seen Princess recommended 3 years running on several aspects of their food including choice, taste, freshness, health options and overall presentation. Feedback also indicated that 9 out of 10 readers would take another Princess Cruise while 80% would recommend to a friend! 

Awards are 1 important way to measure a cruise line but if you're unsure, there's nothing like listening to feedback from fellow cruisers just like you; this endorsement is praise indeed.