Undoubtedly the launch of Perfect Day at Cococay was one of the absolute highlights of 2019. This private island has single handedly changed the way cruise lines design and develop their private islands. We can imagine cruise line executives pouring over world maps spread over huge tables late into the night looking for any new pieces of land previously ignored but with the potential to create the next must visit destination. MSC have since launched Ocean Cay and Virgin will launch their own island this year at Bimini Beach. Royal themselves have announced their next private island also...Lelepa is its name and it's situated at Vanuatu in the South Pacific. Don't expect it to be exactly the same as Cococay, it will be different but shows that private islands and unique cruise line specific experiences are the future. Modern day travellers are seeking more adventure than ever before, demanding new exciting places to visit with new experiences to enjoy so you can expect more cruise line private islands in the future as cruise lines compete for that bucket list itinerary.

For now, Perfect Day at Cococay, stands out as a completely unique and must do destination with demand in 2020 huge for Royal Caribbeans private island. If you're lucky enough to be stepping onto the island this year then there's some things you need to know as not everything is complimentary and some things you need to pay for.


Here's your list of complimentary experiences:


Here's the list of things you need to pay for - note, prices here are indicative as they do vary a little per itinerary so always check your cruise planner and while things can be organised onboard and on the island we would suggest pre booking to avoid any disappointment. You can use below to help you plan!


Important to note that if you have a drinks package onboard the ship then this extends to the Perfect Day Private Island! Happy Days!


Not yet booked Perfect Day? If you're looking to visit in 2020 these are the ships scheduled to visit and when:

  • Allure of the Seas (February, November & December)

  • Anthem of the Seas (February, March, April, November, December)

  • Brilliance of the Seas (February, March, April)

  • Empress of the Seas (March, April)

  • Enchantment of the Seas (March to September)

  • Grandeur of the Seas (February, March, April, June, July, August, November, December)

  • Harmony of the Seas (All Year Round)

  • Independence of the Seas (May to November)

  • Majesty of the Seas (All Year Round)

  • Mariner of the Seas (All Year Round)

  • Navigator of the Seas (All Year Round)

  • Oasis of the Seas (May to December)

  • Odyssey of the Seas (November to December)

  • Rhapsody of the Seas (November)

  • Symphony of the Seas (All Year Round)

Most itinieraries call at Perfect Day for the day, docking directly at the island so no tendering required. However there are itineraries on ships such as Mariner of the Seas which spend 2 seperate days across a 4 day itinerary for example at the island taking away some of the pressure of trying to fit everything in to the one day. Royal also had some late night departures last year complete with fireworks so keep an eye out for more of those too.

Whenever you visit and whichever ship you visit on we are sure you're going to have a memorable experience. Make sure to come back and let us know how you got on and keep an eye out... for we may just have some coverage of our own to share soon! :-)


If you need us to help you secure your place at Perfect Day on a perfect cruise? Contact us here...

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