We were very happy when Norwegian Cruise Line simplified their pricing close to a year ago by becoming Premium All Inclusive as standard. For us it was a fantastic move!

Particularly as a 1st time cruiser you knew exactly where you stood; you knew it included gratuities, you knew all your drinks were included, you knew you could have a speciality coffee and now you can have 60 mins of free Wi-Fi included! You knew you didn't have to worry about anything else and that the price you paid upfront was the price you were going to pay - no hidden extras, no confusion, transparent, simple! We like!

Fast forward a year and NCL have announced in recent weeks the introduction of a "Just Cruise" price....on selected voyages, but not all! So, with this you get your cruise fare and gratuities....not actually just cruise then as gratuities are nearly always an 'extra'. That's just where the confusion starts.

We do realise that not everyone wants the same thing from their cruise fare and that's where NCL are coming from, trying to cater to every taste by giving you a 'Just cruise' price without the frills. But it's just added an unnecessary layer of confusion. Either make it standard option across all voyages or not do it at all. Also, when we use the website, when we see the advertising, we see lead in prices but until you progress further into the booking you won't know if they are Premium All Inclusive prices or 'Just Cruise' prices... Adverts also suggest that the prices are Premium All Inclusive but the reality is the price is 'Just Cruise'.

We also suspect that there are instances where you as a customer are being given quotations thinking you're getting, or the agent thinking you're getting Premium All Inclusive but the reality is you're getting a 'Just Cruise' price...

So, if you're pricing a NCL cruise, make sure to double check exactly what you're getting for that price. If you've a quote from an agent, get them to clarify and confirm. If comparing quotes from agents then make sure they are both quoting 'Just Cruise' or both quoting 'Premium All Inclusive'.

Of course we're happy to help you do all that by completing our form here...

For us, and it's just our opinion, in it's current state this option is a backwards step by NCL... booking a cruise should be a much simpler process than it currently is...we thought NCL had addressed that....

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