In the last hour the government has updated the position on several things including the travel situation. In effect we're not really any clearer...

The government (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) has committed to producing a 'Green List' on Monday the 20th July. This list will be reviewed every 2 weeks. So that's a step forward for those wanting to travel and the Irish travel industry however...

The government however continues to advise against all Non Essential Travel which effectively means that you can travel...but it should be essential and it is now at your own risk as the government stance will continue to effectively ensure your holiday insurance is null and void if you do travel.

Furthermore the 14 day quarantine period when you return is set to remain. To ensure it is enforced (although it is not a legal requirement) there will be an increased presence of staff at ports and airports to ensure you're aware of your obligations when you arrive back in Ireland.

So, if you're still thinking of travelling in the next few weeks it has also been leaked tonight that if you're a public servant this quarantine period will be completely at your own cost - either through annual leave or pre-arranged unpaid leave. Now this is not new news but it's re-release is deliberately timed to ensure that you know....

Yes there's a green list but don't be fooled - in reality this is NOT a green light and nothing has really changed!

Note - if the Government feel that these are the right steps for the health and safety of the nation then they are absolutely right to do so... however there needs to be clarity for people and there needs to be consistency. Ie, don't let tourists in from countries that would not make the green list unless people in Ireland can travel there in return...

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