Yesterday of course was both Easter Sunday and April fools wrapped up in one and cruise lines as ever immersed themselves fully in both!

Even cruise ships get visited by the Easter Bunny and you can expect all sorts of Easter related festivities onboard should you be lucky enough to spend Easter at Sea! Check out the chocolate creations on MSC Meraviglia and the tables full of chocolate from the worlds largest ship which launched Saturday, The Symphony of the Seas! Azamara chefs worked overtime in the buffet and restaurants with a number of food art creations throughout the fleet. With chocolatiers on board ships from MSC, Princess and others you’re assured of chocolate fueled celebrations!

Anybody who remembers last years Royal Caribbean Piste of the Seas (A ski resort at sea!!) will know that cruise lines love an April Fools and this year was no different! This year we had Cruise & Maritime introducing a silent deck because all cruise passengers need some peace and quiet sometimes!! If you’ve not upgraded to the silent deck but want some peace you can pay hush money for a time limited upgrade!!

Virgin Voyages May only be new but they’ve quickly embraced themselves in social media shenanigans ! Yesterday they announced a new Wa-Fi - an underwater Wi-Fi service. With each ship acting as a beacon Virgin claimed they would offer diving experiences so you could upload those amazing underwater selfies from under the water or check out all the details on the internet of the amazing fish that’s just swam by!!

P&O Australia were also at it; they were introducing a walk the lines activity where you could tightrope walk between 2 ships cruising side by side... seems like a good activity to us, not sure why Royal haven’t introduced it yet!! LOL

With other stories of glass ships and retro fitting sails made of recycled sheets also floating around it was sometimes difficult to know what was real and what wasn’t!! Were you fooled? 😊

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