So i'm just off MSC Meraviglia and in Barcelona airport waiting to go back home. here is summary of ship but if anybody wants more information on it put it in a comment below and I'll get back to it at some point. . .

1st off the ship is out of this world. . . After a long hard think I would put it above Royal Caribbean Anthem of the seas but just....hahahaha!! They are very similar in design and both have pros and cons. . . Before I went on board I was looking at reviews and was hearing it's the "Ryanair" of the seas. . . NOPE not at all. Service on board was really good and staff were fantastic...


Entertainment is MSC's let down I think. Every night there is a show in the theater but only lasts 40mins. (However this show was twice a night, half 8 and 10 o'clock) out of the 7 shows 2 were Opera and 3 we're music shows and 1 was a theatrical show. They had other entertainment around the ship like in one place a fella was on the piano and a women sang. There was a karaoke bar also. In the English pub there was a singer and a person on a guitar. On the promenade in the main pub there was something every night also but one night could be salsa dancing the next night could be Mr and Mrs game show. It was Average enough and mostly crew in attendance trying to get the crowd going.

There is a paid show by Cirque du Soleil you can get a dinner show 35 Euro pp or cocktail plus show only for 15 Euro pp plus 15% service charge on these prices. . . . There are 2 different type shows and both last roughly 50mins. . . They are both good but Viaggio would be better in my opinion. I got one dinner show included in my booking but I wouldn't of paid for it; I would have got the cocktail package show as you get a better and closer seat.


Food in the buffet was good for a buffet however main dinning room was poor. We were on a table of 8. . . All Irish luckily enough and everyone said the food options were poor. If you like veal your sorted because it was on the 7 nights. Beef was on one night alright and everyone on table got it hahahaha. If you are a steak fan you can have it but you have to pay for it. 18euro per person plus 15% service charge. (The people that sell the steak and lobster come to you during breakfast, lunch and dinner every day while your eating.)

The drink package is weird because they changed it but if you have the easy package there are like 10 drinks in total you can get. I would upgrade it to The premium package (the middle one) you can drink all draft beers and most cocktails however you can't get bottled beer and only 2 bars on board do all the draft beers. If you drink Heineken your sorted because that's in all the bars. if you have the top package (Premium Plus) you get everything.


The pools on board are heated and very nice (pools are salt water) one pool has a retractable roof and opens/closes pending on weather. Plenty of hot tubs also both inside and outside. . . .

Worth noting that all the announcement are made in like 5 different languages because of all the different people on board so some of the shows like Mr and Mrs could be in Italian or karaoke could be in Spanish etc.

Sorry forgot to write up about the app from your phone. Was best system ever. Way better than any other companies I've seen. The app tells you were you are on the ship and how to route you to your cabin or bar etc. You can book shows on the app or use it to check up on ships daily schedule or set up agenda for the day. You can check weather for your cruise and also read up about the next place your gonna visit.


I have to say we meet a couple who it was there 1st cruise and they loved every minute of it and also meet a couple who had cruised loads and also loved it so that should sum it up for you

My wife and myself really loved the cruise but since I have done a few Royal Caribbean ships I'd spend the extra and go with them because the entertainment would be a lot better and especially since the wife doesn't drink. There's a difference between a 40min music show on MSC (that would be in a bar on Royal Caribbean ship) and a proper Broadway show like Mamma Mia in the main theatre followed by a comedian or something on Royal Caribbean.

However, I did have a fantastic time. . . It's hard to write up the review from my head so prob sounds a little negative but I'll put it this way.... it won't be my last MSC cruise either!

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