Pricing around for your next cruise is a tricky business! Thats why you need to have an agent you can trust and if not you should consider us as your 'cruise price comparison service'! Think of us like you use your hotel price comparison sites that you all use, but given the complexity of pricing a cruise it takes just a little longer, wthout the 'live' availability.

If pricing around yourself just be aware of the following elements that cause you and US the most grief and frustration:

1, THE CRUISE PRICE IS ALWAYS FROM.... Every price you see on the internet, in a shop window, in your e-mail unless it's a specific quote from an agent is a FROM price...if you get a quote from an agent and then see a price online that looks better it's very very unlikely to be!

Why is it always FROM? Because an agent can't list every possible price in an advert - the 'From' price will be a specific date in a specific stateroom with specific benefits.... want a different date? Different price! Want a different stateroom? Thats a different price! Want a drinks package, which one, different price... different airline, different price...you get the picture!

The only way you can really compare is by getting 2 agents to quote specifically with your requirements - if you find cheaper with 1 agent but like the service of one agent then let them know what you've found and see what they can do...

2, HIDDEN COSTS, ELEMENTS LIKE TRANSFERS NOT INCLUDED!! 😡 We've seen this increasing again in the past few weeks and we don't like it...a couple of the biggest operators/agents in Ireland have decided to not include transfers in their price and not only that they've decided to not make it clear in their T's and C's.

So, they give you a headline price, they tell you it's an amazing deal, they make a fanfare. At some point in the booking process you'll find out that transfers are not included!! Lets get this straight...transfers, particularly for example in the likes of Rome or maybe New York can be expensive. If you've a hotel stay then thats an extra transfer.

There's a 5 night stay being advertised at the moment - 1 night pre cruise, 3 nights cruise and 1 night post cruise including flights - €1000pp. The 4 transfers required are not included...but unless you read the small print. Oh and no luggage either...your €1000pp offer is now about €1350pp. Think it's so cheap now??? Feel ripped off? Yes, we thought so...

3, GRATUITIES ARE USUALLY NOT INCLUDED BECAUSE... The one area which tends not to be included as standard (unless it's in a package like Norwegian Cruise Line's Premium All Inclusive) is gratuties or tips. The reason? Well, it's personal choice as to how you handle the payment of gratuties. Agents typically don't include them because it's like telling you that you have to pay for the service you've not received yet....and even when you do, you may not want to pay it!

Gratuties are optional! You can pay upfront, you can pay on the last day of the cruise or you can have them taken off your bill onboard (usually by discussing with guest services) and you can individually tip particular staff if you prefer. While the gratuties get shared amongst staff both front of house and behind the sceners it's up to you whether you pay or not.

Agents should advise how much they cost but it's unusual to include in your quotation.


If you want an independent view then don't hesitate to use our free service, for advice, to check your quotations or even to do all the searching, all the pricing for you across the Irish market.

We'll always tell you what is and what isn't included even when others don't, thats a guarantee. We want you to have only good surprises when you book your cruise....


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