Although MSC Cruises have been a big player as far as the fledgling Irish market is concerned this hasn't necessarily been the case across the world. Even if you look at our nearest neighbours, the larger cruise market of the UK, MSC was a relatively small player in their cruise market but there, and for us all, times are a changing...

Whats more they will continue to change as MSC are becoming impossible to ignore. There doesn't seem to be a month goes by without another major announcement from the company but at the recent float out ceremony of the MSC Bellisima the announcements just kept coming!!

A float out ceremony is an important day in the life of a crusie ship - it marks the day when the cruise ship exterior is complete and it is touched by water for the very first time. This month Bellisima (Meraviglia class and sister to MSC Meraviglia) had it's float out ceremony and is well on track for it's official launch in March 2019 in Southampton, the largest ship ever to be christened in the UK.

Not content with this major landmark MSC also had the coin ceremony for the MSC Grandiosa which will become the cruise lines first ship in the Meraviglia Plus Class and will also launch in 2019, November in fact in the Mediterranean. What do we know? It'll be bigger than the Meraviglia Class ships, have more public space than Meraviglia Class and already Cirque Du Soleil have announced 2 exclusive shows for Grandiosa.

Then there was more! There was a steel cutting ceremony for a ship launching in 2020....which was also given a name - MSC Virtuosa. Virtuosa will be sister to the Grandiosa and like her sister will carry approximately 6300 passengers.

MORE?? How about the fact that having launched Meraviglia, Seaside, Seaview in the last 12 months MSC will have a further 10 new ships joining the fleet between now and 2026. Thats growth at a phenomenal rate and sets out a plan more ambitious than any other cruise line in the market. Further more if the 3 recent ships are anything to go by, these 10 new ships will continue to innovate, they will continue to break boundaries, they will continue to surprise and hopefully, although they split opinion amongst you, continue to delight many of you.

While NCL, Royal and the likes have their own roll out plans for the years ahead, there is no doubt that they, the whole world will be keeping a close eye on whats happening across in MSC and you should too. The cruise market is growing., popularity is soaring and cruise lines will tell you that with all that potential growth out there, they can't get ships out quickly enough....MSC certainly are doing their best to buck that trend!

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