Who doesn't love All Inclusive?? Have you ever spoken to someone who said 'Hey I don't like that All Inclusive!!'?? Have you? Have you? No is the answer you're looking for!! 😃

And Royal Caribbean have listened so... from tomorrow 5th September 17 and until 6th November 17 ONLY you can book any 2018 cruise holiday to every destination and you'll have the deluxe drinks package included for Guests 1 & 2! That's a saving of approximately $130pp per day of your cruise which is a substantial saving over the cost of your cruise.

Whats more on all European, China and Transatlantic sailings of 6 nights and above Royal are suggesting cruise fares are buy one get one half off (BOGOHO). Now lets be clear, this is the cruise fare only, it's not the flight or transfers fare, they are full cost for the 2nd passenger so remember that when you receive a quote! We're also a little unsure as to whether the total price you pay is cheaper tomorrow than they were yesterday BUT the bottom line is you get the drinks package included and thats a huge saving and a huge reason to book now.

Have a 3rd or 4th guest in the same cabin? They get a 25% saving off their cruise fare but they will have no drinks package unless they book one separately! If one of the first 2 guests are under drinking age then they will receive the soda package instead.

So, now we're on a level playing field with NCL who are premium all inclusive as standard when comparing prices AND they are not the only ones. Its sale season this September and it appears that all cruise lines are refreshing their promotions at the moment so watch this space!

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